Border Patrol unsure what to do about Trump’s executive orders on immigration

Kathryn Casteel’s article “The Border Patrol Doesn’t Know What To Do With The Thousands Of Agents Trump Wants To Hire” from FiveThirtyEight explains that while Trump has signed two executive orders regarding border patrol, the Homeland Security Department isn’t entirely sure how to handle the influx of agents that Trump wants.

Two new government analyses show that there “may be major obstacles to meeting [the] expectations [of increasing border patrol agents].” The department’s inspector general said that the department has “not establishes structure or rigorous process to determine needed staff [to] allocate them accordingly.” They even stated that they would not know what to do with “the 15,000 additional agents and officers they were directed to hire.”

Significant (?) Biases

It appears as though anyone who discusses immigration such that immigration should increase and border patrol should decrease is more liberal than conservative. And that anyone who thinks that immigration should decrease and border patrol should increase is less liberal and more conservative. However, the author does not appear to choose a side, so it is unclear whether or not she is biased or if this article is biased.

Sound (?) Conclusions

The conclusions made by the author appear to be sound because she references current events as well as historical immigration cases from the 1990s. In fact, her conclusion is more of a conclusion from an outside source rather than her own opinion, so I am unsure if this makes her conclusion more or less sound. She states that “Meissner, who now directs the U.S. immigration policy program at the Migration Policy Institute, a research organization, said that “when there is heavy political pressure for very aggressive hiring, it has forced or led agencies to cut corner, and generally it has come around to haunt them in the future with integrity issues.” The conclusion that Meissner seems sound.

Political Implications

This article clearly has a political implication given that it is discussing a salient political topic right now. If border patrol increase in such a way that it cuts corners, it is likely that what some may consider the “issue” of immigration may not actually get “better.” It just doesn’t appear that those who want to decrease immigration are enacting anything that will actually decrease immigration in the way that they want.

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